JUNE 2010

30 JUNE 2010

5 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2010

Halfway through 2010, you can still take advantage of the five trends that promised to help you come up with winning new products services this year.

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23 JUNE 2010

9 Hottest Online Travel Trends

When the world's online revolutionaries met at the last Travolution Summit, they came up with some interesting conclusions that bring new insight to hospitality businesses.

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21 JUNE 2010

9 Steps Casa Dorada Los Cabos has Taken to Double Their Sales in 2009

Many resort managers may have given up on 2009 altogether just because the news channels announced we were in the middle of hospitality crisis. It has been even more difficult for new companies trying to enter competitive markets such as Los Cabos. However, Casa Dorada showed that sometimes it takes more work and effort to accomplish something, but as long as you have a (good) plan and stay focused, YOU CAN DO IT.

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7 JUNE 2010

How Lifestyle Management Services Increased Sales, Avoided Job Cuts and Remained Successful in 2009

If you want to succeed in the hospitality and property management industry in Los Cabos, you have quite a task before you. The competition is tight and villa rentals, being a relatively recent phenomenon, are constantly competing with local high-end resorts

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